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Why do so many Ghanians bleach their skin?

Matthew Patterson
2008-03-17 13:38:05

I am an African-American and I recently read an article about Africans bleaching their skin because they think it makes them look more "attractive" or "classy" and it really upset me. I was nearly in tears when I read this because I thought that I only had to worry about African Americans who were obsessed with skin color and hated being "too black." Its really ashame that Africans everywhere have become a victim of european BRAINWASHING to the point that they are willing to obsessively spend money and risk skin disease to make their skin lighter. I mean, I know that not all Africans do this, but, I lost a great deal of respect for the African continent when I heard this, because I thought that they were proud of their heritage and were not as ignorant as many African Americans are. I mean, I personally dont like many African Americans because many of them have no love for their own race and ostracize dark blacks more than whites do, which is why I deep down, I kind of resent many African Americans. I do not want to lump all African Americans into one basket but, this is just my experience. I think dark black Africans are the most attractive Africans there are,because their dark skin color is what makes them unique, setting them apart from every other race on the planet. What's so great about being lighter that would make one want change the features they were born with? I'm really just ranting now but, I really just want to hear from some actual ghanians about this.
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