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Democracy, optimal for Africa?

2008-03-17 12:35:08

I believe democracy doesn't work because of it pervasive outspread by west that we're extant in it. It doesn't attest egalitarianism.

Have you noticed democratic bellwethers use the fiat given to them as their sanctuary? seeking for security of their selves and family instead of progress?

I really don't believe in democracy because we discernibly comprehend it yet we can't apply it. all it does is to embolden the majority to adjudicate about things which they are benighted and makes the most deficient dim literate among us eulogize what they really don't apprehend.

democracy is utopia which will take thousands of years to gamut, i can not agree with a dim imbeciles canaille where 5.1% askew erratic electorate burglarize the right of 4.99%.............the preponderance are consistently bum............democracy is truly not benovolent.

Over half a century now, Africa is still stuck in the mud. There has only been a change, why? do you sometimes confuses yourself with the difference between change and progress? you're totally a dumb if you think change = progress, changes does not exigently assure progress.

It time we think again. Look at china, she had swing in a matter of time. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the most efficient, adeptly political party the world has ever seen. they have managed to be agile and brisk in all their political dealings. I admire their adroitic games. They have done what no other political party or government has been able to do in the political history of the world in a gist of time. Just a few days ago, the obstreperous world powers enlisted them among the bad guys (human right abusers), he he he, i have divulged this on several occassions that, there is always something interesting about anything whitehouse disapprove of, seriously, just look at it with a clear view and a open minded and make a lot of research. At a point in time, China was badly critisized by the west, all sort of warnings was imposed on them yet they ignored all and proceeded with their clearly defined objectives and reformations. Today look at china, she will be the best in the world in the few years to come. America has seen that and she want to allineate itself to it...........i continue to utter this, there's no developed country that wasn't rule by dictatorship during it course of development. A decent dictatorship is truly a gateway to rapid development. Democracy is only a dream and may take thousands of years to gamut.

Look at ghana today, people piss all about just anywhere and anyhow, whats the differences between us and goats? i heard back in the days you get lashed when you piss on the street, truly we need that back.

China, communism is truly a footstep the rest of the third world need to adopt, if not, i see us going no where in the next 5,000yrs to come
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