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2008-03-17 12:31:44

Let us be clear. It is rare that commercial sex is seen anywhere in the volta region. Very rare.

Rare? It is virtually nonexistent!! Period.

The reason is simple. People from the Volta region have strong moral background. People from the Volta region not only look down on women who sell sex but they also down on the family of that woman who is engaged in such activity. It is the reason why you will rarely find an EWE WOMAN IN THE COMMERCIAL SEX INDUSTRY.

Whether in Ghana or elsewhere, it is very, very, rare indeed to find an Ewe woman in the Ashawo business. You won't find an Ewe woman in the red light district or Times Square in such line of business.

But it is all over. It is finished!!

Under NPP the stench from the castle has contaminated every nook and cranny in Ghana. The stench has arrived at Ho. Now Ewe women have finally found courage to sell their bodies for pittance, thanks to Kuffour and his moral-less NPP!!

Like the river of blood that stains every ground it flows on, Kuffour has completely allowed Ghana to disintergrate into a moral abyss never before seen in the country.

It is a sad chapter in the life of Voltarians.

Kuffour has finally turned your daughters into Ashawos.

Kudos NPP.

You have finally accomplished your mission!! ZEO

[This is an authentic posting from ZEO (Registered User)]
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