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Ghana?s Custom

sakari mikander
2008-03-17 12:25:47

What?s the matter???? I sended one duty free packet to Accra over a month ago,Finlands post said that it takes about 5-8 days to go.It was DUTY FREE,under 20 USD. Not a big thing,but then happend something,the receiver of that packet sended to me an email.Ghana?s custom had a little lottery moment and suddenly receiver had to pay 102,50 euros to get it out from post office. I just don?t know who is fool of this thing,me,receiver or Ghana?s custom. I just sended another packet,including stuff of 200 euros,whitch I marked correctly where it belongs to mark,that tiny green small little paper what was in the right place. What is going to be receivers duty pay of that,20% or the same price as that first packet,a little counting from Ghana?s custom and it will be 1200 euros!!! No @!#$,fleece by who? Who knows in whitch direction I can find that person who can give to me some answers.
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