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2008-03-17 10:24:19

Just imagine that you are a civil servant who is paid monthly. Imagine that when the payee list arrives in your department, hospital or other place of work, your name may not be included in it. The uncertainty will make you sick at heart. This is not just a matter of theory or imagination. It is actually happening.

It is very common now to find that when pay-day arrives the payee lists sent from the Accountant General's office to where the civil servants are paid, and these include hospitals, some names are found to be missing - i. e. not on the list. If your name is not on the list, you do not get paid. You travel to Accra from Tamale, Bawku, Ho or wherever to make your case for payment. Unfortunately, the situation is that you do not get it on the first two or three visits or at all, and worse still you have spent, depending on where you live, more than the salary you are claiming. In one, case, six nurses from one hospital put money together and sent one of themselves to the Accountant General's Department in Accra to br9ng their cases to the attention of the officers there. She was told that she could not make a case on behalf of any of the other five. Everybody must travel to Accra make his/her case personally.

What I understand is that officers in the Accountant General's Department make one list, a full payee list, to enable them to get money from the state treasury to pay civil servants' salaries. They then proceed to a second stage - they make a second list from which some people who ought to be paid are omitted. What happens to the money so fraudulently gained is not difficult to guess. It is divided among those in the Department who are perpetrating the fraud.

I am angry because this sort of thing has happened a second time at the end of February 2008 to a close family member who may never get his money back, and who is wasting whatever money he has to make journeys to Accra to plead his case.

The Accountant General's Department is, like all other government departments in Ghana, predominantly manned and controlled by Ashanthiefuos. It is they who are operating this fraud on their fellow citizens. I have been informed that people who went to the Department to get their pleas for payment heard had only Ashanthiefuos to talk to, and that they are unsympathetic, disrespectful and rude.

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