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Kofi Boateng (Ber-Nkoto)
2008-03-17 09:38:02

The 28th day of November, 1950, will forever be a doomsday for ashantiman for that was the fateful moments the young and gallant Nana Dormaahene Agyeman Badu suck it up to ashantihene (Diagrahene) and walked out on him to join the Bono-Tekyimanhene Nana Akumfi Ameyaw to start what famously became the Bono Kyempem.

The late Nana Agyeman Badu was in kumasi on that day to attend the Ashanti council metting to discuss the Report of the Three Select Committee on Local Government. During the meeting, the assembled chiefs were called one after the other by ashantihene to accept the Report. It came to Nana Dormaahene?s turn and he motioned that since the Report in ashanti reached the chiefs only about two or three weeks before the Meeting of the Council, he was unable to study it with his Dormaa state and elders. He therefore requested for the meeting to be adjourned so as to enable the Nananom to study it. This motion, obviously, was rejected by the ashantihene but Nana Dormaahene was not daunted and further reasoned with the ashantihene that since it took the Three Select Committee nine whole months to formulate their views on the report, it would be highly unreasonable to the assembled chiefs and their elders to study the report within that short period and accept it. Nana Dormaahene stated further that he was warned by his State not to participate in the discussion on the Report since they had not studied it.

As may be expected, the ashantihene arrogantly rejected Nana Dormaahene?s submissions but to demonstrate his disdain and cpntempt for the so-called ashantiman council and the ashantihene in particular, Nana Agyeman Badu stormed out of the meeting and literally told ashantihene to go to hell!

Nana Dormaahene first drove to Bono-Tekyiman to inform Nana Akumfi Ameyaw of his actions in kumasi and also his intentions to team up with the Tekyimanhene?s boycott of the ashantiman council (the Tekyimanhene, by a letter from Tekyimanhemaa Nana Afua Abrafi to ashantihene, had left the ashantiman council since 1947).

Nana Dormaahene met with his elders and the Dormaa State the next day and a resolution was passed to discontinue the Dormaahene?s membership of the ashantiman council.

Following the Dormaahene?s action, the ashantiman council met and appointed a-Five men Committee to meet with Nana Agyeman Badu in an attempt to settle the impasse. Instead of meeting with the members of the committee however, Nana Dormaahene and his elders chose to meet with the Tekyimanhene Nana Akumfi Ameyaw in Tekyiman; the purpose of the meeting was to re-affirm the relationship between Dormaa and Tekyiman.

The mandate and purpose of ashantihene?s five member committee on Dormaa was rendered useless as Nana Dormaahene didn?t even bother to meet with its members. The ashantiman council was however, warned that Dormaa would be another Tekyiman if the matter was not properly handled. How ironic, for the Dormaa Council was more determined with one accord to break away with ashantis done ever before.

Things moved quickly after the Dormaa incident for the Bono?s quest for their independence from the yoke of the ashantis: on the 9th day of February, 1951, the following Bono Chiefs, Dormaahene, Tekyimanhene, Drobohene, and Abeasehene met in Tekyiman and pledge their unflinching loyalty to the formation of the Bono-Kyempem. They further resolved to break off from the ashantiman council.

Below is a cablegram addressed to the then Secretary of State for Gold Coast Affairs, the Right Hon. James Griffiths:

Tekyimanhene, Dormaahene, Drobohene, Abeasehene assembled Tekyiman this 9th February-send greetings and pledge their unflinching loyalty-Nananom decided breaking off from Ashantiman Council-Brong-Kyempem Federation inaugurated today among Brong Chiefs-God save Brong Chiefs, long live Brong Federation-(signed) Owusu-Assistant State Secretary-Tekyiman.

Note: In my next write-up, I?ll catalogue why and how ashantis claim some villages in Tekyiman Bono belong to them-ashantis.
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