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Where is Dawukpor

2008-03-17 05:27:03

The guy has been missen in action, who knows him,is he well?or has he given up on SiL and Ghanaians as a whole?.SiL is gradually becoming boring,a lot of those who kept this place alive have abandoned the bar,some i know are not posting becos the allowance to do government propanganda is not flowing like it used to' so like a whore they give sex without any passion, but it comes with the season , the fire with which some of them begun to post here has fizzled out becos their party has delivered and those wonderful ''father Christmas '' promises and expectations never saw the light of day .

Its very difficult to post like before in the face of non payment of allowances and the wonderful expectations that never was, the realisation that those big promises would never come as we have a few months to the end of the Npp road and in the face of massive defections of the youth to form a new party and the surprises of the future are still looming. It becomes too difficult with all these to punch keys on the keyboard like previously,what i call ''the soul is willing but the fingers are too frail to stand firm on the keyboard''.

I am not suggesting Dawukpor is not affected by this ''unwillingness syndrome'' ,He is one person who stands firm and tall and motivated by his own convictions, those who are affected by the syndrome know themselves,its clear to those with eyes and i know them very well , i would just not mention names ,but i bet a few of them would force their way here after this post just to prove me wrong , but they will surely fizzle out after today. Bro Dawu is being missed by some of us.We await his post to set our minds at ease at least.
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