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Attah Mills Is A Certified Poodle

Ama Okro Mouth
2008-03-01 05:53:59

If anybody still doubted the infamous confession of Professor Attah Mills to ?consult Jeremiah Rawlings twenty four hours a day? his visit to the dinner organised in honour of the visiting American president should, without doubt, erase them. For it was altogether laughable, even sad at times, to see how the supposedly substantive leader of the so- called P(NDC) cowered in, and even appeared to revel, in the shadow of his patron saint: the mysterious John Rawlings. It was obvious that Mr. Mills could not speak for himself or found it better for his more charismatic mentor to speak on his behalf. Soon after Mr. Kufour had introduced Mr. Mills to Bush and before Mills could utter anything for himself, Chairman Rawlings rudely interjected, shook hands with George Bush and then in his trademark superciliousness pointed towards his sidekick or Don Juan as if to say: ?this is the pimp who claims to be the leader of my party?. That Attah Mills, a substantive professor emeritus, could kowtow to and indeed be transfixed by a simpleton like John Rawlings is often too irksome to contemplate and an affront to the pursuit of high scholarship. For if, indeed, some of us who firmly believe in attaining high scholarship can only look forward to being subservient to the likes of Jerry Rawlings then we are indeed doomed.

--Bernard Asher

Justice is not served as long as JJ's crimes goes unpunished.

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Ama Okro Mouth
03-01 06:31
Kpoo ke ke Raw M.
03-01 06:26
Ama Okro Mouth
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Ama Okro Mouth
03-01 09:36