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WHY NOT 'MASSA' all the way????...

Joe Diggie
2008-01-01 12:26:49

On this first day of 2008, I would like to tickle the imagination of fellow Sillians in a typical JW fashion:

Apart from Religion, football (soccer) is the number one obssession of most independent and proud Africans...A casual glance at the brains behind African Teams (both national and local) reveals a not too surprising fact...Almost all Head Coaches are foreigners (Massa, as JW would say)...Now, if we have all but conceded that only Massa can and does squeeze success and peak performance out of our players, why don't we go full throttle by giving the political administration of our countries to Massa on a contract basis???

This way, we will save ourselves the carnage that we are witnessing in Kenya, we rid ourselves of the Mugabes, the Kibakis, and we may not have to deal with another JJR in Ghana, we will not have to deal with Asante V. Akyem, Ewe V. Akan issues...and save tons of money to boot!!!

Please just remember that I am not advocating re-colonization as Striker Bode has been drumming here...All am saying is we retain our independence BUT 'out-source' the political administration of our countries to 'Massa'...AND WHY NOT???

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