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2007-12-16 14:03:42

Hi folks, it's your boy. It's been a long time since I contributed so I decided to write today. I want to talk to you today about a condition that plagues our African men especially, the medical name is pseudo-membranous folliculitis. This inflammation of the the hair follice is mostly caused by ingrown hair, it affects the hairline at the back of the neck. Another common place it can be found is the beard area. Left unchecked, keloids can develop turning the area into a nasty bumpy mess! Just like most conditions it can be prevented by educating yourself about the condition and observing some basic precautions. Ingrown hair results from cutting curly hair (kpen-kpeshi) too short, as the hair grows back, it grows into the skin rather than growing out causing the much dreaded condition.

What you can do 1) Do not use the triple or quadruple bladed razors, they cut the hair too short. 2) When you shave, shave with the grain and not against the grain if you're proned to bumps 3) When the barber is giving you a fade at the back of your head, ask them not to cut against the grain especially if you're pseudo-membranous folliculitis proned or chose a different style hair cut where the vulnerable area is not cut too low. 4) If you already have it, you can use tweezers to pull out the embedded hair, leaving the hair to grow for about a month is another option in an attempt to let it grow out. 5) If all your efforts fail, or keloids have already formed, laser treatments are available to zap the hair follicle totally destroying it. Remember though that the hair will not grow back again. Massive keloids can be taken out surgically if need be.

I would like to make a personal plea to the owner of the advertising board at the Legon junction, which shows the back of the heads of patients with very advanced cases of this condition, prominently displaying nasty giant keloids about the size of my fist on the side of the road to please take it down. It is gross, it is nasty, it is unnecessary, citizens are being forced to look at this horrible sight each morning as they inch up in traffic managing to get to work. There are other ways of advertising your business! The trash on the street is already an eye sore, please don't add to it. Thank you.

May all beings be at ease-

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