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Mr. Mister
2007-12-16 09:27:31

The territory of Ghana is one of the main producers of gold in the world. I didn't say Ghana is one of the main producers since Ghana itself doesn't either produce nor own the gold. Still, tons of gold is extracted in Ghana. Yet how many Ghanaians even know what a gold bullion coin is, much less own some. A gold bullion coin is a coin of guaranteed gold weight and purity minted by a sovereign government (the word "sovereign" excludes Ghana, I guess). These bullion coins are recognized and tradeadble all over the world (Except Ghana where nothing is either done or allowed). Some of the most common and popular gold bullion coins are the Canadian Maple Leaf (1 oz), the South African Krugerrand (1oz) and the American Gold Eagle (1 oz). It is legal to buy, own, carry and sell these coins in the whole world (well, maybe not Ghana).

Since we are told the GH cedi is now a dollar (we believe anything we are told it seems) I wonder how many GH cedis will buy me a gold bullion coin? This also begs the question of why is it that Ghana does not mint a gold coin? And if the government did would they sell it for cedis??????? Of course they would have to get permission from their masters first and that's not going to happen. I wonder when will we ever wake up. Perhaps never.

In the meanwhile I have used some of my U$ savings to buy a little stack of gold bullion coins. They look very nice. I wonder if some of the gold in them came from Obuasi or Tarkwa.
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