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2007-12-16 08:32:23

The news that illiterates will not be issued with driver's licence is not only ridiculous, it is also senseless! Why should we deprive our illiterate folks the opportunity to obtain a driver's licence either for commercial and/or private use? The reason given by the authorities is that driving is becoming more scientific and manuals of these cars are written in English and not in any of our local dialects!

The fair question is: What is stopping us from devicing ways and means to help our illiterates to learn our traffic signs and regulations? And, importantly, upon what basis were they issued driver's licences?

We should always remember that majority of our people are basically illiterates who can't read and write in the Queen's language?

We have dummies for leaders!

Down with discrimination!

Beginning January 1, 2008, there will be no more driving licenses for illiterates in the country. Authorities of the Driver Vehicle and Licencing Authority (DVLA) say only applicants who demonstrate good command of the English language will be issued with licence. ?If you cannot read simple English and interpret it, you cannot sit behind the steering wheels,? Kafui Semevo, assistant manager in charge of driving, testing, training and licencing, stated.

Speaking at the final road safety campaign and best driver awards ceremony of the Donewell Insurance Company in Accra, he pointed out that imported vehicles did not have manuals in the local language. Besides he said driving was becoming more scientific and thus drivers who could not cope with the changing trends and understanding simple road signs and regulations would be banned from driving. The Commander of the Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU), ACP Daniel Julius Avorga, noted that 80 per cent of accidents in the country was due to human error.

The Spectator

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