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The Numbers

2007-12-01 18:55:53

Let us do a few numbers, but not before we recall that on the eve of Ghana's 50th independence day, much to the astonishment of the interviewer (I still have the BBC url link if anyone's interested), Kufuor said there was nothing wrong with flooding Ghana with imports from China to the derailment of Ghana's capacity to export.

So here are the numbers:

In September 07, Ghana imported $71 million worth of goods and services from China. For the nine-month year-to-date ended September 07, total imports from China was $872 million, 56% MORE than the amount in 2006's period.

Ghana only exported $3 million worth to China in Spetember and $40 million for the year-to-date period. This was 31% LESS than what was exported in 2006's period.

This contradicts the objectives of what the MCA project is supposed to achieve. And as Cotonou draws to a close, the folks at Trade are mute. Such is Kufuor's Ghana. As long as it enriches his pockets and those his NPP familia. Meanwhile rice farmers are suffering. Poultry farmers are shouting "ajei". Pineapple exporters are crying for help.

Equatorial Guinea probably has greater GDP per capita and macro numbers than Ghana, but more than 80% are hopelessly poor. Somehow, as hardworking Ghanaians keep getting worse off, the NPP gang keeps quoting GDPs and telling them they are better off. NPP thievery and arrogance.
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