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2007-11-25 22:25:09

Ackee Eater: Greetings!

I am assuming you originally come from one of the "rocks" in the Caribbean Antilles. Please always consider yourself "to be home" if and when you do come to Ghana. Ours is not the typical "tourist haven" as is common in the Caribbean. Ghana may be relatively speaking "unwashed" yet she can show you some of the best time in the world -- a diamond in the rough, as it were. If a sanitized, vacuous, souless and over-commercialized touristy haven is what you expect, you'd be disappointed. Ghana, my sweet home is raw, natural and unspoiled in its soulfulness and beauty.

You may even find yourself importuned for a "dash"(hand out) but if you're firm and let it be known that you'd have none of that bull, they will understand and not hold it against you. If you get called "obroni" it is not meant to be that you're are a "white person". Obroni has become a short hand for "non-native" born from the African diaspora.

Above all, please don't have any unrealistic notions about a "spiritual pilgrimage to the motherland". Many have been disappointed in this regard. If you're not "native" some might wonder why you would want to come to Africa at all. You see, the revolution of the African mind is still a work in progress so please don't be bummed out when you hear such things. Just "come home" to Africa expecting little and you'd be pleasantly surprised how much of a treasure in "blackness" you are sure to find. And it would all be mighty powerfully good for your soul. Reminds me of the first time I actually discovered the magic that lies in the bosom of Mother Africa's daughters. Mese hmmmmm. Yeah, Ghana is like that.

With regards and much respect,

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