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Amputated Brain cult worshiper
2007-11-25 19:26:10

Look at yourself in the morror of gross naivity & Shortsightedness

Call It 'Ghana 2008' Not CAN 2008

The Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Sports, OB Amoah, says the proper acronym for Ghana's hosting of next year's African Cup of Nations is "GHANA 2008?. According to Mr Amoah, Ghanaians should begin to join the rest of the continent in calling the tournament by its real location name, Ghana 2008, rather than CAN 2008.

?We should use it to sell our country,? he added.

Mr Amoah, therefore, appeals to the media and advertisers to discard the former acronym (CAN 2008) and start using the new name which appropriately refers to Ghana as the host nation.

?CAN? is the French acronym for African Cup of Nations whilst the English version is ?ACN?. The Deputy Minister, who announced this in an exclusive interview with the Statesman newspaper, stressed: ?As the host nation, we need to publicise our country with all activities connected with this big tournament and hence this new name ? Ghana 2008.?

On the inspection tour by the Confederation of African Football delegation, led by its President, Issah Hayatou, the Deputy Minister said the Executive Committee of the continental football controlling body would discuss a number of issues concerning Ghana?s hosting of the tournament in Accra.

?We?re confident that everything is on course and we?re aware that CAF is satisfied with work so far done on the various projects at the four stadiums?, he said.

Mr Amoah said after the official handing over of each of the four stadiums on November 1 to the goernment, there would be series of non-competitive ?test football matches? involving local clubs, schools and tertiary institutions that would attract not more than 10,000 fans.

He said other games for over 20,000 spectators would also follow up to usher in the four-nation tournament between Ghana, Benin, United Arab Emirates and Guinea from November 17 to 20. ?This will be the official test before the main event from January 20 to February 10.?

The Deputy Minister said everything was being done to ensure a successful tournament. ?What we must start doing is to build the needed publicity by selling the nation to the outside world. And this is the responsibility of every Ghanaian to hype the tournament as much as possible to boost tourism, usually associated with events of this nature?.

Source: The Statesman


It is the same reason why I keep on preaching against the imposition of kwame nkruma`s name on the University of Science and Technology Kumasi (UST).

The name of Kumasi has been deliberately robbed from the intellectual Map in favor of kwame nkruma on bogus political reasons, because they say "nkruma never dies".

Some short-sighted elements in the country are doing everything within their capacity and unqualified mandated power to make heroes out of fellow unqualified people at the expense of the towns and cities .

In soccer , the names of Accra and Kumasi has also been erased from the sports map to the advantage of certain individuals.

Why , and how do you market your towns and cities?

Someone must help me out , because there is a contradiction here...

Ever since this hasty proposal was made from one of their own prefered self -appointed politician, the name of the tournament have been quickly changed from CAN ' 08 to Ghana '08.

Ghana'08 tickets to cost $10

Another example is from a person whose terror regime have imposed and undeservedly planted kwame nkruma?s name on the University of Science and Technology Kumasi for bogus political reasons best known to themselves alone.

I must confess that ,in as much as I shared his sentiments regarding the high rate of ticket charges, I do not condone with his conspicuous hypocrisy and naked contradictions.

I have only sided with him on the bases that, majority of Ghanaian soccer fans earn less than US $ 1 (dollar) a day in the country, and that will be very difficult for them to afford in attending the stadia to watch the matches live on the pitch.

Because by paying $10 for a match will force most of them out of the pitch to view the matches from their television screens, and the stadia would be virtually empty in most cases with very less patronage.Therefore , the organizers will eventually lose and the tournament will be a total flop.

To remind you again , the hypocrate Atta Mills has here deliberately danced to the tune , and supports the change of name from CAN ?08 to Ghana `08, despite the serious contradiction in respect to the names of kwame nkruma and other socialist cum communist elements.

The evidence II

Reduce Ghana 2008 gate fees - Atta Mills

I have been campaigning to draw public awareness of this same terrible mistakes and flaw decisions and disgusted impositions for some considerable period of time, yet no one seems to be listening.

And kwame nkruma`s name continues be at the emblem of the UST to the disadvantage of Kumasi and Asanteman.

Ohene Djan`s name continues to be flying very high at the expense of the city of Accra, thereby deliberately robbing the name of these two cities namely Accra and Kumasi from the intellectual and sporting maps of the globe.

Is kwame nkruma and Ohene Djan more important than Accra and Kumasi ?

Couldn`t street names be better appropriate for them instead of given them Universities ?

Are they sending a signal to the world that the university of Science and Technology Kumasi trains killers and dictators ?

Do you measure your political success in negatives or in reverse trends ?

Are you not ashamed of your left wing ignorance and populist actions of incomprehensiveness?

Are you not ashamed of selling your country?s sovereignty to foreigners and undeserved ordinary individuals and making it a pepertual beggar nation ?

Ghanaians, why are you allowing some incompetent , traitors and corrupt people to destroy your country?

Those who sells your country to the IMF/ World Bank to bring hardships and uncontrollabe conditions into your country, are the traitors and not those who attempt to liberate you from slavery and communism!

By making kwame nkruma`s name to become more important than the country, the towns and the cities that raised him means that you are elevating him into an undeserved godly status to be worshiped at all times.

Lessons will never be learnt, and many followers will eventually continue to destroy the country using the same yard stick with the notion that ,afteral, they will also be recognized and worshiped.

How can you develope meaningfully with this kind of corrupt mind, impositions and promotion of monopolists and personality cults in the system at the expense of competition?

Why ?

Moreover, who designed this logo for Ghana 2008?

..And who made a choice for this "poor man`s Logo" ?

The logo for the 11th African Cup of Nations in 1978 was even far better, and was more presentable than this poor and ugly one out there .

Compare these logos:

Logo 2

Why not Kumasi or Asanteman University of Sceince and Technology ?

Why not Accra Sports Stadium, but Ohene Djan Sports Stadium ?

Why don`t you build a new sports complex or stadium in Sunyani and put Ohene Djan`s name on it but Accra to infuriate the citizens of that city ?

If you want to glorify kwame nkruma as your lord and saviour ,why don`t you build a University college , or a tertiary institution of higher learning at Nkroful and impose his name on it, but Kumasi where it is said and has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that he had be at 'loggerheads' and hated it`s citizens so much ?

When are Ghanaians going to see the correction?

Are the authorities of today waiting for the next generation to come and reverse all these mess?

If not, what is their explanation to justify their misguided and shortsighted decision?

I would be greatful for tangible answers..

Where is Nana Yaa Asantewaa in your so called Big six that governor liar Acquah so cherished ?

Where is Nana Osei Kwadwo in the picture

Where is Nana Osei Agyemang Prempeh who all fought and lost so many blood in the process to pave the way for Gold Coast/Sika Mpoano`s freedom and self government that you are enjoying today ?

That some were even exiled in the process..?

Where is Sgt.Adjetey, Coporal Atikpoe and others who also lost their blood in the process?

Governor liar gyimi gyimi Acquah,

Go back and learn your history well

Enyim adze ye hare...

Clip 2

It is undisputed fact that your so-called "god" took advantage of the people's miseries and sufferings with his opportunistic characteritcs to acquired his personal fame and then set the country into a destructive path. Is this a man to worship ?

Clip 3

Where is the freedom and self-government that my fore-fathers courageously fought for?

Clip 4

Clip 5

Liars and destroyers..!

Part (II)

Author: Conventional Youth (

Date: 10-31-2007 08:54

1.0 Background Information

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi was established by a Government Ordinance on 6th October 1951. It opened officially on 22nd January 1952, with 200 Teacher Training students. The University has within the short period of fifty(50) years of its existence become an important centre for the training of scientists and technologists not only for Ghana but also for other African countries.

The main University is situated on a campus of about seven square miles (18 square kilometres) of undulating land and pleasant surroundings, about four miles (6 kilometres) away from the centre of Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital. The campus presents a panorama of beautiful and modern buildings interspersed with verdant lawns and tropical flora, which provide a cool and refreshing atmosphere congenial to academic studies.

The University presently has three halls of residence for both men and women, two halls for men only and one for women only. There are also two hostels for postgraduate students and one hostel for medical students. Two new hostels have also been constructed. The student halls of residence, the Administration block, the Library and the University Great Hall occupy the central portion of the grounds. In the area west of the halls of residence are located houses for the academic and senior administrative staff, and on the eastern side are located the Engineering, Environmental and Development Studies, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Renewable Natural Resources, Social Science and Science blocks.

The University started awarding its degrees in June 1964. The academic activities are presently performed by five faculties (Agriculture, Environmental & Development Studies, Pharmacy, Science and Social Sciences), two schools (Engineering and Medical Sciences), three institutes (Land Management and Development, Mining & Mineral Engineering and Renewable Natural Resources), and a College of Art. Apart from the main campus at Kumasi, KNUST has another campus, Western University College, located at Tarkwa in the centre of the mining activities of the country. In addition there is an Institute of Technical Education (ITE), a Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC), a Centre of Cultural Studies, a Bureau of Integrated Rural Development (BIRD) and a Kumasi Virtual centre for information Technology(KVCIT).

The University also has a number of municipal facilities. These include a hospital, basic schools (i.e. nursery, primary and junior secondary school), a swimming pool, a maintenance and estate organisation, a photocopy unit, a printing press, a bookshop, senior staff club, sports stadium, commercial and banking facilities, post office and places of worship.

The majority of members of the academic staff are highly qualified Ghanaians. Since the implementation of the government higher educational reform programme in 1992 the rate of growth in student population has outstripped that of academic staff. The student population increased from 4374 in 1992/93 academic year to 11,714 in the 2001/2002 academic year.

The University Council as a governing body constitutes the apex of a hierarchical structure of a system of committees for University management. The Principal Officers of the University are the Chancellor, the Chairman of the University Council and the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor is the academic and administrative head of the University.

With the competition for national resources intensifying, the pressure to efficiently utilise such resources has correspondingly increased. Therefore, institutions need to clearly demonstrate their value added. In order to maximise the value of the services that KNUST provides to Ghana and Africa, it is imperative that it examines its aspirations, activities and accomplishments to align them with the national and international needs of the millennium. For the planning period(2001 - 2010), the aspirations of the University are embodied in the Vision statement and the scope of its activities is delineated in the Mission statement. The Objectives detail what it intends to do toward accomplishing that mission.

1.1 Strategic Vision

The vision of KNUST is to be globally recognised as the premier Centre of Excellence in Africa for the teaching, research and entrepreneurship training in science and technology for development, producing high calibre graduates with knowledge and expertise to support the industrial and socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa.

1.2 Strategic Mission

The mission of KNUST is to provide an environment for the teaching, research and entrepreneurship training in science and technology for development that will turn the wheels of industry and the economy for the industrial and socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa. KNUST will also provide service to the community, be open to all the people of Ghana and positioned to attract scholars, industrialists and entrepreneurs from Africa and other international communities.

1.3 Strategic Objectives

To meet the National Objectives, KNUST`s Objectives for the plan period (2001 - 2010) are to:

1. 1. train high level personnel in science and technology to support the industrial and socio-economic development of Ghana in particular and Africa in general in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner;

2. 2. train highly qualified personnel for the development of the Polytechnics and other tertiary institutions;

3. 3. increase student enrolment and promote female participation in all programmes;

4. 4. improve the quality of teaching and research to enhance the learning process;

5. 5. initiate new research and programmes to address the problems of industry and rural communities in response to national needs;

6. 6. encourage collaborative research with industry and the private sector, and develop and strengthen collaborative links with other institutions of higher learning and research;

7. 7. provide entrepreneurship training to all students;

8. 8. make computer literacy an essential part of the training at the University and promote the use of information technology to increase productivity and efficiency;

9. 9. expand postgraduate training to promote teaching, research and entrepreneurship;

10. 10. encourage multidisciplinary research programmes;

11. 11. attract, develop, motivate and retain high calibre staff;

12. 12. develop and maintain the infrastructure and natural resources of the University;

13. 13. develop the management skills of the University management and improve the cost-effectiveness, accountability and transparency in the management of the University;

14. 14. promote a greater sense of community in the University; and

15. 15. promote opportunities for income generation to help reduce dependence on Government subvention.

Further, at the national and sub-regional levels, the University also aims at:

1. training high calibre personnel in science and technology and equiping them with entrepreneural skills to meet the demands for high quality manpower by industry and for general socio-economic development of the country;

2. assisting through extension services (service to the community) the rural communities of the country in finding solutions to the problems of the built environment (including exploring alternative sources of energy and water supply), agriculture, industry and infrastructural facilities and services, etc.; and

3. providing the avenue for further training for the existing staff of the nation`s Polytechnics which have become tertiary institutions under the Educational Reform Programme which started in 1992.


How can a University that was established in 1951 said to be built by kwame nkruma?

It is on records that kwame nkruma became Ghana`s first Prime Minister in 1951.

If so, then when did kwame nkruma started to build the university and completed it at the same time in the same year to become one his achievements, knowing how long it takes in a poor country like Ghana to put down a common structure in place?

From Where did kwame nkruma got the resources to build such a project?

Should kwame nkruma deserves to be named after a university that is situated in his enemy territory?

What was the whole stupidity designed to achieve?

To raise people`s anger or what?

Now , your lies have been revealed.

Thank you for bringing out this conspicuos fact.

level-headed&competent mpo ni....
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