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Kwaaso Akua Brago
2007-11-25 19:05:59

I`m finding it a bit puzzle to understand this underneath statement from the article.

..."democracy in the religious realm never sidelines responsibility as they operate simultaneously, or if you will, they are intertwined"...

On many occasions, some Ghanaians have vehemently opposed to the Ma-Te-Me-Ho doctrines when it comes to religion.

They argue to contradict themselves that; there is a "Separation of Religion from the State", and as such Ghana is a secular state.

The current vice President has also confirmed that.

However, whenever it comes to the main core of democracy which is the "Separation of Powers" principles, where the real concerns of democray is at stake to the enforcement of "Power Sharing" between the executive and other legislative organs to assist and promote for efficiency, checks and balances , transparency ,equity , accountability and institutional empowerment, these same people then use to discard from their earlier position of "Separation of Religion from the State", and opts to the exact opposite.

Normally ,they use these claims and clauses to condemn the "Ma-Te-Me-Ho" ideologies and philosophies, and thereafter, reverse to the opposite position that encourages the existing system of "Cooperation of Powers" that offer no room for institutional democracy of efficiency, checks and balances , transparency ,equity , accountability and institutional empowerment, but rather strengthens a centralized system and a unitary form of governance with it`s characteristic nuture that endures discrimination,Nepotism, Favouratism,incompetence, inefficiency,monopoly, lack of comprehensive competition, inequality, social injustice, Corruption and under-development.

Can anybody explain to me why some Ghanaians are so confused with ideologies and have no clearly laid down political direction.. ?

Know your true history



"To this day the first thing new national leaders do on coming to power is paying their respects to the Asantehene".

But why is this present administration trying to destroy the Sikadwa Kofi before its adversaries.

First of all, a Non Governmental Organisation is abbreviated in its short form as NGO. This implies that; an NGO is not a tangent of government, but a non- profit and private organisation.

So the mere fact that a government ministry is hiding behind an NGO which is non-governmental for this award exercise makes the whole agenda looks like a circus and shows disrespect to the Royals in the country. It is in this vain that the statement cannot be taken as serious matter.

Again, regarding the tone and the entire use of vocabulary in the statement, traditional leaders have viewed this as a complete insult designed to flatter or make mockery of their custodian position in modern society.

Therefore, it would have been appropriate for the so-called Minister to reconsider his reconciliatory message into a friendlier one that intends to mediate between tradition and a Western type of care-taker administration in the country.

Since, the Ministry feels so pompous and arrogant in its newly defined role, and also not prepared to do any serious business, but to cause unnecessary provocations and tension, it would be right to renegotiate and restructure the set-up system of government to come to the same level of tradition and customs in the country in contrast to the adopted foreign culture.

i) Parliamentarians must be called dishonourable members of the house

ii) Professors now need to be demoted and be called with the title ?People Teachers?.

iii) Lawyers must be lowered to be called mini-solicitors, or sub advocates.

The position of the President must be reduced to Odikro, and so forth.

Any other thing else is meaningless, since the Western type of care-taker administration is non African and cannot be accepted by the natives of the land or the traditional people.

In Western countries or in the orient where there are Monarchies, the position of traditional leaders is defined as Kings or Queens.

Under no circumstances and in nowhere have the position of a King been reduced into a common chief and paired with a Queen.

There is a hierarchy in the traditional system as well.

That is why the leadership positions in tradition ought to be either Kings or Queens.

In the Akan tradition in Africa, Queens are paired with Kings to run the traditional administration of their subjects.

So the art of demoting the Kings and bringing them into this lower standard of ordinary chiefs was hitherto designed as a total insult against the African tradition by the so-called colonial occupiers.

But Ghana has had its independence since 1957, therefore, the continuing use of the term chiefs to disgrace or look down upon African tradition, indicates that Ghana is still under colonial domination of slavery, which is devoid of freedom with no sovereignty of its own.

Even the same colonial powers that attempted to destroy anything African out of theft, continental domination and racial conflict of motives by subjugating the people of the Dark Continent into the lower standard of humanity, are now trying to restore the dignity of the African people that they stole away from them with intension.

They are beginning to call the traditional office holders with their rightful names of Kings in modern society again, instead of calling them common chiefs as depicted in the rawlings supervised constitution.

The purported statement also reveals that the 1992 constitution drawn by the PNDC for a democratic country like Ghana is not impeccable of mistakes , it is seriously ill, and lacks the necessary impetus that are needed for accelerated development in any civilized country . It is by no means that the constitution was impetuously designed with little thought or care .In conclusion it is conspicuous that the rawlings` bequeathed statutory book for democracy in the country is simply not up to standard, therefore, it needs diagnosis and medical attention. Democracy does not match with communism and dictatorships.

In light of all this, I think it is time to elucidate a simple and straightforward clarification about the meaning of the "Cooperation of Powers" of the State?s language and purpose.

In a nutshell, the Constitution forbids the traditional authorities from engaging in any contemplation of autonomy and sovereignty in their subject areas without previously and independently established reasonable cause for suspicion of explicit criminal conduct, which has been presented under oath to a judge by someone with personal knowledge of that cause, and which is sufficient to persuade that independent judge to issue a warrant authorizing the eyes of the State to turn to that citizen or traditional body.

This is a big clause of a problem that impedes social and capital development of the nation since everything is vested under the office of the Presidency alone with an absolute monopoly power.

In the first place, any rational person would have been in a good position to see this clearly and start to re-think for a better solution and complete change of direction..!

The system does not allow for self-government, or to have some independence of decision making, let alone the competition and Separation of Powers. So how can you make a break-through to prosper with this kind of suppressive and repressive forces?

This Ministry stinks and only add cost to the nation for no value.

The traditional authorities have no political and financial backing to embark upon any project on their own in their subject areas. They are forbidden to go it alone by the present constitution.

In that respect, by what means could they achieve the government?s prescribed status:

- Rural Development oriented Chief or Queen,

- Environmental Protection and Conservation oriented Chief or Queen and most Public Spirited and Philanthropic Chief or Queen.

-Science, Information and Technology oriented Chief or Queen.

"Ade a, eye fe no ye de Sika na eye"

Could the ministry come out with answers to these abstract and unrealistic pronouncements?

Or, is the Ministry trying to impose and elevate itself high over traditional rulers or what...?

What is the sense of this at all..?

And how will the Ministry award the Asantehene, Ga Mantse, Okyehene, and other Kings in this category of pool that comprises the so called chiefs..?

Give Federalism to the people to rule themselves, and they will design a plan, or find some means to improve their own communities instead of resorting to these bogus and cosmetic attempts to buy the traditional rulers to lower themselves to the government at all times.

A ministry like this is simply meaningless in a federal system, and must be abolished!

"Abodwese be too Anintonwi"

What the Ministry could do better is by re-defining its role as ambassadorial position to enable it to mediate between tradition and western type of a care-taker administration.

The administration needs to recognise that the traditional office is an autonomous body with its own sovereignty.

So a Ministry, if at all, could only play an intermediary role between the government administration and the Traditional bodies.

It dares to subdue an autonomous body or attempt to bring the traditional body under it?s jurisdiction!

As the wise saying go:.

"If you go to Rome, do what the Romans do"!

The State of Italy and Rome has never tried to impose itself over the Vatican. Which is why "if you go to Rome, do what the Romans do"!

We all admit that this present form of government administration in most African countries including Ghana is a derivative form of colonialism from former colonial powers and is classified as a foreign culture, which is also alien and incompatible to the African tradition. That is why it must be copied and translated to the true content of its origin without tampering and twisting.

It is a fact that the Vatican has ambassadors to almost every nation on the planet named as the Holy See, and those nations with good diplomatic links also have their ambassadors to the Vatican.

In the German Federal system, every State is represented with its own house in the diplomatic area of Berlin where foreign ambassadors are also located.

The individual federal States within Germany are treated with the same level of respect that is given to foreign diplomatic countries by the government.

Every individual State within the country is also represented in the Federation?s government of Berlin on equal terms.

The government approach the autonomous States with full respect they deserves. It does not try to impose itself, or attempt to dictate to the States.

The over-all government rules by consensus and agreement with the individual States.

Can I ask where Asanteman House is located in the capital city of Ghana called Accra within the diplomatic circles?

Can I ask where Mfantsiman House, Anlo House, Okyeman House, or Dagbon House are located among the diplomatic areas in Accra?

What respect and autonomy does the government of Ghana gives to the traditional people as sovereign citizens, with the exception of the usual despotic display of powers and dictatorship..?

By attempting to give award to the traditional leaders on these outlined measures means that the government is trying to impose itself high above the traditional office holders, and this leads to undermine political confidence among the indigenous people of the country.

"Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty?

It is long past time that we hold our public servants to a higher standard than ?what we can get away with, or at least offer a plausible rationalization for? in their adherence to the oath they all take to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Those you are copying your "Unitary form of a System" from in the U.K are now diverting from their own old system, and are gearing towards federalism, because unitary system is not good for the over all development, but the capital city alone coupled with unnecessary over-crowding and congestions .The Scottish are still not convinced and not happy with the cheating British unitary system. They have unveiled their independence plan. So the unitary political future of Ghana does lead to where...?

Officially, Ewes became part of the Gold Coast in 1957 , any other distortions is meaningless ....!

Seckago and his level headed ignorant folks around the globe who are casting incomprehensive and illogical insinuations against the Monarchy and its occupant must know that the Asante Kingdom is great and it was even greater before the europeans came unto the shores of West Africa from East Africa.

The difference is clear, because Asante and Akan Kingdoms really over-stretched the boarders of present Ghana which is why there are names like Akoto, Asamoah, Ohene and others in the Volta Region and Togo.

In the Togolese national Team, there is even a player with an Asante name as Eric Akoto.

Also , elsewhere outside the main core of the Asante domain, you can still find traces of Asante names spearheading the traditional leadingship among their subjects who are basically non Akans.

Names like Tawia, Obuor, Frimpong etc. could be find all over the non Akan traditional homes.

It is in this regard that I would like Seckago and his dumb alikes to proof me wrong and stop lying and twisting the facts at all times.

And now to the critics who don't understand the asante language, and culture and are attempting to twist the facts from reality, this is a small tution for your hearing.

Oya eh!

Osei a, na ye suro no

Oya eh,

Owea ko gye Aponkyerafo

Oya eh,

Ye di wo akyiri a, Etuo beto !


Osei is our only leader.

The ever trusted and able leader

We will never fall on our knees before our enemies under his able leadership. He is the King of Kings ,and we will fight to defend the Monarchy at all times.

Again, if these dumb folks who are criticising the King had understood the implication of the dance, they would have noticed that the Asantehene was demonstrating his might within the kingdom before the whole world.

He was displaying that anything within the Kingdom falls under his traditional leadership.

From Left to the Right, from North to the South,East and West and anything within the Kingdom including the living spectators and audiences on the funeral gathering all befalls under the Monarchy.

He likes everybody, and he does not discriminate against his subjects.

And that explains why Konadu and rawlings were embraced.

Despite the fact that Konadu has denounced her natural identity in favor of bulgary revolution, the Asantehene was still saying that his doors are open to her and her family at all times.

What these sycophants fails to undersatnd is that "Birds with different specimens and features do not fly together, unless they have something in common."

This is a funeral celebration , and it has nothing to do with Ghana.

The dead would be disappointed as I would be, when they realizes that their funeral rights and cerebrations are being used as battle grounds for incomprehensive politics.

On the other hand , the Asantehene don`t gives no ragard criminals and their past records.

By attempting to do that will tend to destroy his brother`s funeral with infantile conflicts and unnecessary impase, and send a wrong signal across the political spectrum.

The dance is only in fulfilment of the norms of tradition.

rawlings and his wife had earlier greeted the Asantehene in state to comfort his soul on the lose of his dear Brother. What jerry and his entourage demonstrated before the King and the Monarchy was not in the video.

Afteral, it was rawalings who had paid visit to the King and not the other way round. It would be irrational and unfair for thew king to treat his guest with aggression. That would be viewed as immatured and non-diplomacy

It is a tradition that when someone comes to your house as an ordinary guest and greets you, it sounds reasonably fair for the host person to go and welcome the visitor to make him/her feel like being at home.

This is the significance of the tradition here.

It is wise to welcome someone into your house as a guest, but that does not mean, or changes the picture that the person`s identity and background is wiped away or cancelled with that mere welcoming ceremony.

The Sudanese leader ,Omar Bashir was also recently welcomed by the Pope in the vatican and that gave way for the peace talks in dafur.

Does the meeting of Omar Bashir with the "Holy Father", Pope Benedict in Rome change the picture that he his not free from crime against humanity in Darfur ?

Asanteman have no regard for personalitiy cults as you minght have wrongly percieved. Asantes believe in traditional structures and institutions within the Kingdom, and not on individual heroism.

This has nothing to do with unity whatsoever, and this has nothing to do with Ghana, since it is a mere private funeral ceremony.

Likewise any civilized society, Asantes also have respect for the dead, that is why funeral celebrations have to be preserved in tranquility and in harmonous manner. It simply has nothing to do that Jerry is innocent of anything, and that his mere dancing with the King washes away his past misfortunes and criminal activities.

It is wrong to believe that welcoming demonstration by the King is also a unity dance!

No one is greater than the King!

You all can go and weep to fill the banks of the Senkyi river via Kpong...!

May be next time you will attempt to understand the mighty Asante Kingdom and it's Akan traditions and culture.

When the so-called colonial occupiers , namely the Germans,the Portugeese,the Dutch, the Danes and the British refers to Ghana , they mean the Asante Kingdom and not the other way round.

Also ,if you go to the records thoroughly, it was the Germans who first came to the Gold Coast and not the portugeese as some present day Ghanaians have been made to know with historical twists. The historical records in Germany proofs it. There is even a documantary film to proof this fact again.

Traces of this could be found in the Twi translation of the Bible. Also most of the castle (Burg) were built by the Germans and later sold to the Portugeese.

If anybody is in doubt of this fact, they should contact the traditional leader of a small town at the cost of Ghana called Dixcove. The traditional leader of Dixcove Knows all the details better than I could write about his town. He was openly on the German Television appealing for help to develope his town. He also made a call that the German friends should come back and help to raise the image of the area.

At Dixcove cemetary, most of the tombs are inscribed with Germans who died out of mosquitoes.

Their names are there on the stones including the castle they built to substantaite this fact.

Asante Kotoko, Kum Apem a, Apem beba.

Krobea Asante Kotoko

Kum Apem a,

Apem be ba
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