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2007-11-25 18:58:43

Subject: Why Is Ghana's Dada-Ba Dumb?

Author: JW

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Date: 11-10-2007 18:07

Children of poor parentage were very bright and sharp when moi was growing up; unlike their peers from well-to-to backgrounds. Was it not for the cyto-era and the need for the thieving leaders to send their kids overseas to be educated at the expense of the majority, the Ghanaman so-called elite's child would still be the same. Sad, but kwata moi was always second to Northerners and Ewes in class but never Asantes, why?


Do you have any Statistical data to substantiate your hypothesis?

Where do you draw your inferences ?

Which locality and in which recognized schools in Ghana did you conduct this random sampling?

How do you reconcile your findings with the WAEC`s records?

How do you proof that your results is more accurate and reliable than other findings?

I would be greateful for your response.

Enjoy the clips and refrain from mere hear sayings


To be precise, I don`t think that JW have a strong evidence, because most people from poor backgrounds also fails to make it to the high levels.

What do you say on this.

Take this poor young man as an example.

He claims to be a Ghanaian who came to Britain to seek for economic freedom .

And now..

Clip 2,,31200-video_190107_1800,00.html

Clip 3

Clip 4

Clip 5

The above evidence denotes that JW is not being so truthful and factual to himself with his superficial analysis, but he is basing his arguement on mere hear-saying without facts.

Clip 6

Clip 7

Clip 8

Clip 9

Clip 10

Clip 11

Clip 12

Clip 13

Clip 14

Clip 15
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