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2007-11-25 18:55:49

Its not your mistake, because you seems to be heavily brainwashed with the satanic politics of communism where lies and contaminated facts predominates.

This commentary below portrays your gross naivity like someone who has been trained with only lies , and therefore , has become a complete dummy in his/her minute confined world.

Author: Ghana Police


Date: 11-25-2007 18:12

How will these filty Asantee youths take it if the Government should tell the Asantees it has power over who becomes the Asantehene, and other chietaincy matters. What about if the Government tells the fuc--kin Asantee youths that their fuc--kin elders can't dictate to it.


You might have been living in a fantasy world for a long time, probably somewhere in the in the far east Old Soviet Union, or in North Korea where civilization is still a dream.

Any rational person will first think before he/she makes a statement in public to avoid such a gross display of ignorance and naivity.

Perhaps, you follow politics , but you just don`t understand how it operates.

I will be ashame of such a" yes sir master" type of an element like you if you were to be part of my family, because you`re just simply a disgrace to civilazation and democracy.

It must be condenmed with the expropriation of government applying it`s uncontrolled monopoly power to take private property for public use without the owner's consent. Constitutional provisions in most countries require the payment of compensation to the owner.

In countries with unwritten constitutions, such as England, the supremacy of Parliament makes it theoretically possible for property to be taken without compensation, but in practice, it is not applicable under normal sense of civilization.

Ghana is an independent country with a written down constitution, so why should the so-called left -wing dominated parties hide behind the U.K. and pretend as if the country has no written down constitution, and then take people`s properties away by force without compensation?

Anyway, many followers of the NPP are not satisfied with their own party`s constitution but they dare to voice it out. Many prefer for a complete amendement or serious changes that befits a democratic party, but they have no power to do so.

The powers that drafted the unsatisfactory NPP constitution are the ones in control of government affairs in Ghana today.

If they cannot design a democratic constitution for their own party where party Presidential aspirants would get the chance to debate each other constructively to enable the people to know the rightful person to be chosen for a candidate ,but resorting to intimidated vetting instead , how can they help to draw a national constitution for the entire nation.

There is no wonder why Ghana has only one dictatorial constitution that have been supervised by their mentor dictator jery rawlings.

They don`t want to change it, because their own weaknesses and incompetence would be revealed in public through the contents of the amendment, or their short comings would showcase in the new constitution, which is why they are leaving it so untourched for the next generation so that Ghanaians would turn to blame only jerry john rawlings alone at all times .

Political parties have their own constitutions,

Companies, Corporation and Industries have their written down constitutions.

Well established Churches throughout the world and in the country have their written down constitutions, but :

-Where is Okyeman constitution,

-Where is Mfantsiman constitution,

-Where is Dagbani Constitution,

-Where is Anlo constitution,

-Where is Asanteman written constitution.

And why are they not allowed to have independent written down constitutions to govern themselves within their own respective traditional territories ,or localities?

Who is serving as an impediment in the country, and is blocking any development move that could forster overal progress....

I`m not surprise why the ignorants use to say that traditional rulers will wipe away or die out with the time, because they surely know the political pegs that have been deliberately put in place secretely to undermine the traditional system.

These people must be made aware that ;any system that have no opposition available to make constructive criticisms against it`s short-comings, cannot develope successfully and make progress, and it will eventually collapse as in the former secrete society called the evil Soviet empire.

The so-called government in the country is deliberately fanning this conflicts in Ghana and allowing its ignorant and naive followers to put the blame on traditional rulers at all times through their incompetent decision making processes with a unitary system where none has the right to challenge it.

This is bullying and does not belongs to any civilized democracy!

Enough of the bullshit where Kumasi and Accra Sports stadia have to lose their names to give way to dictators and nation wreckers!

A whole university also have to lose its name to a dictator and a destroyer

Enough of this nonsense!

A new "Center Right Ma-Te-Me-Ho Party" is very eminent to save the nation from these so called liberals and extreme left wing parties !


Odwan bi ba!
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