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Mr. Mister
2007-11-25 10:09:08

After almost 8 years in power you may have forgotten your opposition skills and you may be a little rusty on the opposition role. So you may want to get out your old opposition handbooks and review because you are headed for that role in about a year.

You see, lately ex-President Rawlings has decided to lay back and enjoy his humble retirement. So you haven't been able to spew hatred against him and try to instill irrational fear about him. That was your only talking point. He has taken away your only platform by becoming an observer. Other than phobia of Rawlings what else do you have to fool Ghanaians with? Everybody knows you are the most corrupt government we have ever had, we don't even have to say too much about that since people are already aware. And the way you have treated Aliu makes the label "TRIBALISTS" apply to you so bright that even those that were blind up to now have seen it. The country is more a mess and impoverished than ever so you can take your IMF and World Bank accolades and awards and "shove them" up your....where the sun don't shine.

You will lose Greater Accra and you will lose the election. Get used to it from now. It will make the transition less traumatic for you. NDC and CPP, in coalition, will be the next government of Ghana. But it won't be all bad for you guys. Your head honchos will be on the run or in jail for embezzelment and that will give the rest of you a chance to clean and rebuild your party from the ground up to be more truly in line with the liberal principles that your current bosses only used as a smokescreen to loot the nation.
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