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Is Agya ?Ta for Real?

Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi
2007-11-16 13:03:12

Agya ?Ta is reported to have made the below statement:

??? Bread in 2000 averaged 1000 cedis and it is currently averaging 10,000 cedis, an increase of 900%.?

What the tenured Professor seems to be saying is that the national economy is down the tubes because the price tag on bread has increased by 900%.....and that the Ghanaian people are worse off as a consequence.

Yea, the price on bread has increased from 1,000 cedis to 10,000 cedis so did it also increase from 5 cedis in 1979 and tipped off at 1,000 cedis in 2000----close to 1000%.

So what is AGya ?Ta saying? And why has AGya refused to take a holistic view of the economy and has decided to pin his analysis on the price of bread. Does this not qualify as an over-simplication?

Who are the policy-shakers and makers on Agya ?Ta?s economic team? This is sad!!!!!!

[This is an authentic posting from Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi (Registered User)]
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