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2007-11-14 11:40:14

For a President's car to roll over several times in an accident must indicate that Kuffour's car was blazing at high speeds through local streets!! This is common sense!!

That in itself indicates incompetence, carelessness, recklessness and indifference to human life. The President's life is not more important than that of a Ghanaian walking the streets.

A President is not above the laws of Ghana!!

This accident must be probed and all guilty parties brought to book!! We cannot live in a lawless country where thieves, armed robbers, cocaine dealers, corrupters and violaters of the law run wild and free.

So why was the President blazing to? To catch a plane to see the Queen? Where was the urgency?

Can anyone recall, anywhere in the world, where a President's car involved in an accident, rolled over several times?

A whole President's car rolling over several times?

Is it only in Africa that such things happen?

Yesu Kristo!!!

Everywhere, there is evidence of incompetence.

Everywhere there is evidence of recklessness.

Everywhere in Africa there is evidence of carelessness.

Mediocrity shall doom us.

Carelessness shall doom us.

Incompetence shall doom us.

Is this " what you sow is what you reap scenario"?

Have the grants been used to rehabilitate the roads as directed by Government policy?

Is the driver's licence acquired on merit?

How does a President's car roll over several times after a crush?

I don't get it!!!

Only in Ghana!!

Only in Africa!!

So how fast was the President travelling on those airport local streets?

90,100, 110 mph?

Recklessness and foolishness!!

There is something wrong with this picture!!!

We need answers from these empty suits!!

A President is not above the law.

By travelling at high speeds he is not only putting his own life ( President of Ghana) at risk, thereby the office itself, but the lives of pedestrians!!!

This is irresponsibility!!!

The President must be disciplined!!


[This is an authentic posting from ZEO (Registered User)]
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