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Christian GOD has NO OIL. Kufuor is a Liar.

Kwabena Tawiah
2007-11-12 11:17:35

"God has blessed Ghana during my tenure in office", he said and stated that the recent discovery of oil, more gold deposits in other parts of the country and the commencement of the construction of the Bui Dam in Brong Ahafo indicated that the country was on course for prosperity.


Folks the above is what our pLesident said oooooooooo not me Rasta.

What is beating me is that oil is from deep under the earth.

We are told that GOD is in heaven (which is beyond space)

Satan or Sasabonsam is the one who lives deep under the earth.

If these are true, what deal did GOD strike with Satan to get some of the oil to "bless" Kufuor's misadministration?

Folks', I dare say that the Christian GOD has no oil to give some to Kufuor and his Ghana.

Allah is the one who has rich oil in abundance so what is Kufuor doing claming that his Christian GOD has blessed him with oil?

If indeed this oil flows, credit should go to Aliu for it might his Alhajiship that has led his Allah to dish out some of the Saudi oil to Ghana.

Satan has some dirty oil too.

[This is an authentic posting from Kwabena Tawiah (Registered User)]
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