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2007-11-12 08:38:01

Kuffour points to the recent oil discovery to indicate that under his tenure God has chosen to bless Ghana. Kuffour says God has blessed Ghana during his Presidency.

So God does actually wait patiently somewhere to see who becomes President so he can reveal our Gold and oil deposits to us? Wow, Mr God the awam politician.

Why should all-powerful God wait for Ghanaians to make a mistake so he withdraws his goodwill gesture to them? If God wants to be good to Ghanaians he shouldn't allow the electorate to make mistakes at the general elections so he will punish us.

But again, if God really wants to help Ghana, why would he allow that the little money we have is stolen by Bartels and his family without any repercussions? Why is Bartels still a free man? God, why are you so biased with your justice?

Why did God allow floods to wash away Abba bi's mudhouses in the North? This, under Kuffour's watch?

Why did God stand by idle while Ghanaians slept in darkness for the greater part of the year? Oh God, why do you play wicked sometimes, I thought you loved Kuffour.

Why did God allow armed robbers to rule the streets of Ghana under Kuffour? God could surely protect all Ghanaians.

And God must be in the cocaine business since the cocaine business has also flourished under Kuffour.

The list goes on.

Oh by the way, I am appealing to God to not allow Ghanaians to make a mistake in the 2008 elections so he will withdraw his services during the next rulers tenure. I am begging you, God.

We want more oil discoveries made under the next President, so God should determine our next President!!!

And why is God allowing poor mothers and children to be suffering so much in Dafur? God, are you also that wicked?

You might as well use Kuffour to solve the Dafur problem since you are with him all the time.

God has actually changed his mind regarding Ghana/Africa. He now loves us!! He is using his agent Kuffour to do the job!!

Whew!! What took you so long God?

What took you so long?


[This is an authentic posting from ZEO (Registered User)]
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