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Sule Moyo
2007-11-12 00:22:33

It is an inherent characteristic of the culture that it prepares members of the culture to be able to act like friends toward those they regard as enemies; to be able to convince others that they have come to help when they, in fact, have come to destroy the others and their culture. That some may 'believe' that they are actually doing good only makes them more dangerous, for they have swallowed their own rhetoric -- perhaps a convenient self-delusion. Hypocritical behavior is sanctioned and rewarded by European culture. The rhetorical ethic helps to sanction it. European culture cannot be understood in terms of the dynamics of other cultures alone. It is a culture that breeds hypocrisy -- in which hypocrisy is a supportive theme -- a standard of behavior.

Marimba Ani Yurugu
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