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Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe - A Paid NPP Propagandaist

2007-11-10 13:59:22

If you have noticed very well, each week Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe writes an article that is so terribly skewed in support of the NPP and damning of other parties particularly the NDC. The fact that he doesn't even notice how obvious and propagandaist his intentions and attacks are, coupled with his poor writing skills, beg a few questions: (1) does this guy really hold a Ph.D - if so, it was a terrible waste of such an esteem academic credential; (2) does this guy actually teach English and Journalism - if so, some of us who were also trained and worked as journalists and have now moved on to legal and other professions that require a lot of writing would like to have a chat with his students just to verify what kind of creative writing techniques he teaches them (look, this guy's writing style is far below that of a trained journalist); (3) the fact that he publishes an article a week JUST to promote the NPP - and not about anything else - and doesn't even know the general public can see his shallow-minded plan, first confirms that the man in on NPP payroll to do this, and further points to the level of stupidity of the fella.

His latest article attacking Sekou Nkrumah (Thursday November 8) is typically the formula he uses (the link is provided below - check it out):

If this guy attacks Rawlings (mind you while writing about Sekou Nkrumah) so venomously by stating his reason for doing so is because Rawlings has one parent who is Scottish, doesn't it go to explain that this man perhaps is attacking Sekou the same way simply because one of Sekou's parents is Egyptian? This is precisely the TRIBAL POLITICS that Sekou is trying to avoid by joining the NDC - since everybody knows the Trademark of the NPP is TRIBALISM. Similarly, doesn't this guy hate all Ghanaians who have one parent coming from a foreign country? Well, if so, then this guy has a problem with me and my children because my own three boys who are adults now and have moved to live and set up businesses in Ghana have a Norwegian mother. This is the tribalism and tribal nepotism that we all have come to know of the NPP and its government and all its propagandaists, and it's something on the table right now that Ghanaians do not want to forget as we move towards the next election.

Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe Jr. is a PAID NPP PROPAGANDAIST and a tribalist, and a very bad and foolish one too. He holds no Ph.D from any institution of formal academic studies, and teaches nothing anywhere to any human being - not to even mention English and Journalism. He is a textile factory worker, and lives in New Jersey. The titles of the books he claims to have written are all lies and you will not find any such book anywhere on this planet. The guy is a Joke and a Fool, and we will just dismiss him as such !!
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