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They will never do this elsewhere. Only in Ghana

[Asante nation + Kingdom - G]?
2007-11-10 11:09:45

Author: KWAME

Date: 2007-11-09 14:58:26

Who sponsored the interchange.The person who paid for it should name it.If it was paid for it by the governmenment of Ghana then the parliament of Ghana is the only body that has the power to name it,not Asantehene or any other Chief.


What the hell of toilet are you trying with your ignorance, stupidity and myopic lense to pock your stupid pointed nose into?

That so-called central dysfunctio nal unitary government had used the money and resources of the people to finance and build this project.

It had not used the money from its own pocket, therefore, it has no right to dictate to the people who that project should be named after!

The project must be named after the place where it is located to market the area on the globe. Afteral it is the traditional area`s land that the so-called government borrowed and used.

That so-called government did not buy the land, nor paid compensation to the traditional rulers of both Asem and Asafo whatsover.

Ghana is not a communist country nor under any military dicatatorship where everything must be taken by force against the will of the rightful owners.

Such a practice is tantamount to theft and extortion!

With idiots like you, Ghana will never go forward , unless you have all been extincted from this unverse with your dommy kind of thinking.

Your intellectual thoughts protrays you as very inferior as in Zanziba`s link.

Give Federalism chance to work in Ghana for sustainable development!

Asafo and Asem should come together and find some common grounds to slove their own problem among themselves.

It needs to be noted that under federalism, every traditional or demarcated territory is autonomous, and makes decisions for its own without relying or depending on the other.

Asantes have been federal in nature since its inception for progress and stability, which is why there is a traditional ruler in every Asante town and village with its own government, consisting of the Queen mother( Chief advisor to the King), Ankobea and Gyaase (being chief of Staff to the King`s inner cabinet), Kurontihene, Kyidomhene ,Benkumhene, Nifahene,Adontenhene,Nkosuohene( reponsible for the modernity and development of the town) etc.

Every town is independent and does not not rely on the other for its needs.

Relating to this case, there is a simple land dispute here involving two separate parties,and this is equivalent to a very small misunderstanding between two nations. It is not so different from a trade disputes involving two different nations.

They either solves it among themselves amicably in peace, or they goes to the next in authority for settlement, which is the Paramount ruler.

Here, they are not under any paramount ruler, because the two are Kumase Ahenfo, and serves directly under the Supreme Manyia stool,so the next move is the Asantehene to settle this case, should in case the two fails to reach a lasting solution and did not come into an agreement among themselves peacefully.

This is what we called good governance.

It is a democratic debate that the two fronts have opened among themselves.

They need to fight or quarrel among themselves traditionally in a civilized manner to be able to come out with a better solution, just as opposing trial lawyers do in a litigated case in a law court .

There is always a better solution in a ferderal system through civilized and healthy debates than someone attempting to dictate for the people from somewhere!

It must be condenmed with the expropriation of government applying it`s uncontrolled monopoly power to take private property for public use without the owner's consent. Constitutional provisions in most countries require the payment of compensation to the owner.

In countries with unwritten constitutions, such as England, the supremacy of Parliament makes it theoretically possible for property to be taken without compensation, but in practice, it is not applicable under normal sense of civilization.

Ghana is an independent country with a written down constitution, so why should the so-called left the wing dominated parties hide behind the U.K. and pretend as if the country has no written down constitution, and then take people`s properties away by force without compensation?

Anyway, many followers of the NPP are not satisfied with their own party`s constitution but they dare to voice it out. Many prefer for a complete amendement or serious changes that befits a democratic party, but they have no power to do so.

The powers that drafted the unsatisfactory NPP constitution are the ones in control of government affairs in Ghana today.

If they cannot design a democratic constitution for their own party where party Presidential aspirants would get the chance to debate each other constructively to enable the people to know the rightful person to be chosen for a candidate but resorting to intimidated vetting instead , how can they help to draw a national constitution for the entire nation.

There is no wonder why Ghana has only one dictatorial constitution supervised by the mentor dictator rawlings.

They don`t want to change it, because their own weaknesses and incompetence would be revealed in public through the contents of the amendment, or showcase the new constitution, which is why they are leaving it so untourched for the next generation so that Ghanaians would turn to blame only jerry john rawlings alone at all times .

-Where is Okyeman constitution,

-Where is Mfantsiman constitution,

-Where is Dagbani Constitution,

-Where is Anlo constitution,

-Where is Asanteman constitution.

The so-called governemt is deliberately fanning this conflicts in Ghana and allowing its ignorant and naive followers to put the blame on traditional rulers at all times through their incompetent decision making processes with a unitary system where none has the right to challenge it.

This is bullying and does not belongs to any civilized democracy!

Enough of the bullshit where Kumasi and Accra Sports stadia have to lose their names to give way to dictators and nation wreckers!

Enough of this nonsense!

A new "Center Right Ma-Te-Me-Ho Party" is very eminent to save the nation from these so called liberals and extreme left wing parties !


Odwan bi ba!
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