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Man in the Middle

2007-11-06 23:10:15

I am caught between the rock and hard place due to my penchant for justice and equality for all. Helped a Negro in Antwerpen, Belgium who was been cheated by Whites and got nothing but insults from the Whites, and not so much as a thank you from the Negro. Sided with a White gal who was being ripped off by some Black hoodlums and got an earful from the Negroes. Whites I try to prevent from cheating a non-White call me a White hater, Whiles the Negroes used their usual moniker (Uncle Tom) against me. So where do I stand as a kwata-caste, eh, darkies, and we wonder why there is so much trouble in the world?

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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