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The Yin Yang Revolution in Africa

2007-11-06 19:30:56

A handful of Chinese armed with a token force and some few "moolahs", with revolting smiles have taken-over Africa.It seems one needs no effort to overrun Africa and ransack the continent.

Africa is not only endowed with natural resources, we also have some great "Military Generals? and "highly, highly educated folks", but the Chinese, like the Europeans of old, are proving that it takes only fistful pariah expatriates to subjugate Africans on their own home turf.

If the "politicians" have failed to offer the needed leadership;

a) Where are the ?Military Generals? to defend the territorial integrity of Africa?

b) Or the ?intellectuals? to provide the brainpower to salvage the situation?

The Chinese have moved from the YIN state (darkness, torpidity ) to the YANG state (light, dynamism) in Africa, but the African is yet to realise that he is still in the state of STUPOR (YIN STATE)

Europeans messed up Africa during their age of exploitation, and now it is the turn of the Chinese to screw up Africa, and only a handful out of a billion population are engaged in this unholy exploitation.

The whole African continent is now in the hands of a handful of Chinese.

What a pathetic sight !!! What a pathetic continent!!! I'm very angry!!!!;8958748;/fileinfo.html

[This is an authentic posting from Botifans (Registered User)]
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