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Vetting NPP Presidential Candidates

2007-11-06 17:36:06

Can anybody explain to me why the NPP deems it necessary to have certain "founding elders" of the party subject the party's various presidential candidates to a process of internal vetting?

What is the purpose of this process? What is supposed to be the product or outcome of this process, and how does it relate to the primaries contest?

Are our political parties "private clubs" where some "gatekeepers" can determine who gets in and who doesn't?

Asking an incumbent two-term Vice President and several two-term MPs or Ministers of State to now establish their bona fides or loyalty as party members appears to me to be a needlessly stupid idea. Doesn't the party keep a membership list? But, then again, who am I to say? The elders and "founders" must obviously know better!!

So, what if, say, Nduom or Kwesi Botchwey or some Me Maame Nua wanted to contest on the NPP's presidential ticket? Why shouldn't anybody who meets the minimum national constitutional requirement for president be able to do so? Do people not have a right to change their minds politically and join the party that best reflects their current political thinking and preference? Of course, the party has an equal right NOT to ELECT a person to be their candidate if they have doubts about that person's sincere commitment to the party. But vetting by some oligarchy in the party?

The logic of Ghana's political elites never ceases to confound me.

[This is an authentic posting from HKP (Registered User)]
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