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Are Negroes Inferior?

2007-11-06 15:10:45

Negroes blame their backwardness and eternal primitive condition on self-confidence, this, that, and other, but the ONLY reason for your wretched condition is your inferior intelligence.

If Africans want to balance modernity and tradition, then look to Japan. They have managed this better than anybody. Modernity is part and parcel of the Western tradition, and so there isn't a gap between Western tradition and modernity. Germans are the most accomplished, and therefore, the most superior Europeans. They are to Europe what Japan is to the Orient. If Africans wish to bridge the insurmountable gap between their primitive society and modernity, then look elsewhere. There is no such gap in Germany or elsewhere in the West where modernity is tradition.

Useless Africans!

Negroes are innately inferior due to your inherently lower intelligence!

The plight of Africa/ns is permanent!?

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Are Negroes Inferior?
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