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British "consultant" defiles 3-yr old: root cause

Tylenol, USA
2007-11-01 18:15:23

Years ago when the apartheid system was operative in South Africa, I used to feel bad about it because it painted the picture that we black Africans were the only people under slavery in this century. Thank God, apartheid is gone, through the unrelenting efforts of Africans ourselves and the help of other people who are non-Africans. But see what is going on in Ghana; it is very sad.

Faulty policies made by dummy, corrupt and stupid leaders keep making Ghana the playground for criminals of the developed world. There are enough natural resources in Ghana, which if harnessed efficiently and with sound policies would make Ghana self-sufficient and either minimize or completely end her reliance on tourism, the sector which is bringing most of these evil people into the country. If Ghana wants to maintain the tourism business, she must be prepared to enforce very strictly, laws that deal with foreign criminals who come to Ghana masquerading as tourists and genuine business men/women.

Most of these bad policies were fomented by the obnoxious Rawlings-NDC entity and enshrined into the laws of the land. I think the current administration must also do more to end this destructive trend started by the Rawlings-NDC entity. Ghana is currently earning about US$800 million from gold export alone. Thus, with a proper control over immigration into the country, all combined export earnings should make the Ghanaian live very well and stop the practice of luring criminals and lawless tourists into the country.

In the 1970?s the population of the United States was about 200 million and today, about thirty years latter, the US population is about 300 million, reflecting a fifty per cent increase. Over the same time period, the population of Ghana has grown from just under ten million to twenty million, reflecting a 100 per cent increase, which is higher than that of the US.

Who are migrating into the US? These include medical doctors, engineers and other scientists whose skills are vital to the US economy. Who are migrating into Ghana? These are mostly very bad, lawless and unskilled individuals who constitute a burden on the national economy. They include criminals from Nigeria and other foreigners (African and non-Africans alike) of immoral and crude culture who share identical religious and crude cultural identities with the power brokers within the obnoxious Rawlings-NDC entity. As the population grows, the government has to increase budget locations for goods and services (more expenditure on electricity, water etc, etc). The lawless guest also causes an increase in law-enforcement budget because of his illegal practices. All this is a strain on the economy.

I believe that it would be better, cheaper and more cost effective to use the resources of the nation to educate the Ghanaian to acquire useful skills to build the nation than bring in lawless foreigners who would constitute liabilities onto the nation and her economy. This was not a line of thought to which the NDC subscribed in formulating the current laws of Ghana. I believe these practices were probably going on in the NDC reign, but with the threat of death and lack of total press freedom and the dictatorial atmosphere of that time journalist dared not report.

Make no mistake, there are very good people in the developed world and I have met lots of them. In the developed world, there are also very bad and lawless people. Because the law is tough on crime in these countries the bad ones seek ?lenient systems? elsewhere to perform their arts. Nowhere in the US or UK would this perpetrator get away with this heinous crime, but he could get away with it Ghana. What would deter another perpetrator from coming to Ghana to repeat this same crime?

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