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5 egregious things that happened.

Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi
2007-11-01 15:30:39

5 Most egregious things that happened.

1) Nkrumah abolishing the multi-party state to replace it with a one-party state governed by decrees.

2) JJ Rawlings lining up the Army Generals and shooting them

3) JJR murdering and burning the court judges

4) JJR advising Ghanaians not to patronize products and services from Ghanaian Entrepreneurs and business Men.

5) The Ghana Academy of Science sending a Scientist to Paris to debate with his peers on if Pluto should be made a DWARF planet.

Please share with us, some of the extraordinarily offensive things that have occurred in this country.

[This is an authentic posting from Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi (Registered User)]
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