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Nurture vs Nature?my own story

Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi
2007-11-01 10:19:01

Last week, a disgraced Cambridge professor resigned in infamy from his emeritus faculty position for suggesting that the skin colour dictates the smarts of the brain. It was a good thing that he resigned.

When the disgraced professor first made his unguided statements, the likes of ZEO and aggrey latched on to his theory and yelled ?See, we told you that the African is inferior and his deplorable situation is permanent?.

Nonsense, but when the professor recanted his views, these 2 worms and others didn?t apologize to us. Now let me tell why I think the professor is stupid and ZEO et al. are idiots. I am gonna recount a personal story to you.

At a very young age, I vaguely remember where my life was drifting but the common refrain from everyone was that I wouldn?t amount to anything. I hated school, threw stones at passing-by cars and bicycles. I also joined a kid gang that went out at night and beat up stray dogs, cats and goats. I didn?t fear anything with the exception of flying aircrafts in the sky, which more often made me run and hide myself under my mama?s bed until the plane went away.

This caused my grandma to predict that I would end up at the ?NkwadaaBone? Correctional school at Kumasi sooner than later. Indeed, at the first day at the Class-One room, I ran away before the mid-break and didn?t return until the next day or two. I spent most of time lurking around the ODEON CINEMA place and the Horse race-course during the day and beating up dogs and cats during the night. Mischief was my name! It isn?t hard to imagine where my life was heading. But something interesting happened!

One day, my uncle asked me to accompany him to the STC station at KUMASI-ADUM to pick up a friend; I was about 6 then.

At the station, I stood in awe when this big long bus arrived with tires bigger and taller than me. WOW! It didn?t also escape my attention that, the passengers were ?special people? --- well dressed, smelled good and carried beautiful portmanteau luggages. Hitherto, I was used to fighting with people over seats in smelly, trotro lorries; exchanging curses and the occasional knock-knock on the head.

At the STC station, I got into this Q/A with my uncle:

?who are these people?? I asked my uncle.

?ahhh these are people arriving from Accra, some are even arriving from London? My uncle said.

?How do I ride on these buses, one day? I impatiently asked

? You have to stop being a bad boy and get serious at school. Listen to your teachers and parents and one day you will have the opportunity to get on the STC to go to ACCRA and see the SEA.?

?To see the SEA in ACCRA?? I yelled

?Yea? ? only if you behave yourself.

Bam, something lit up in my brain and I suddenly decided what I want to be in future.

My transformation was so fast, I suddenly stopped being the suffer-man in my class( coming last at every test) to coming within striking distance of being the sharpest guy in my class. This also had some unintended effects as my parents and family started praising, encouraging and nurturing me to grow in the right direction.

My Grandma then changed her views about me and predicted that, on this new trajectory, I will one day go to the secondary school or training college and end up as clerk in some big government office. Yea, instead of going to the Correctional school as ordained, I was now being touted as a model of success.

My friends, it is NURTURE not NATURE.

Thank U very much

Odusinii Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi Mpampi Ka-nsuo-bere II

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Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi
11-01 11:09