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Alan 'Cash/thief

2007-11-01 10:11:17

Alan 'cash' Kyerematen is the biggest and the most hyped fraud/thief ever in the history of Ghana politics. It's painfully obvious that this guy is a thief and i wonder whether those who support him love Ghana. For such a thief/corrupt person to even consider running for president speaks volume about the state of affairs in our country. This Alan Cash thing is the most potentially damaging thing for the NPP. His phony 13 billion fundraiser is a joke. We know what actually hapenned. Almost everybody in the world knows that this guy is a thief. Wake up Ghanaman/woman. As far as i'm concern, the only place he should be running to is Nsawam prison and not the Castle. Boasiako

[This is an authentic posting from Boasiako (Registered User)]
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