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2007-11-01 08:32:06

The talk of NDC merging with the CPP to form an opposition to the NPP is at best premature. Is the NDC so unsure of themselves that they feel they need the CPP to from a credible opposition, or to win power from the NPP?

If the NDC feels insecure, they have good reason. I have not heard from any NDC leader, in any position of substance, anything of substance on any issue of substance to the development of Ghana, and upliftment of the people of Ghana (of substance).

I have been hearing one Kofi Ameko make noise about New NDC. Yet that New NDC 'stuff' has no substance to it as far as I have heard, and Ameko is the only NDC operative, in cyber or in Ghana who is pushing this New NDC business.

If the CPP forms a merger with the NDC, I will joint others to form another CPP, and risk political purgatory for the rest of my life.

Nkrumah Never Dies regardless of where his children decide to seek conveniences.

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11-01 08:38
Kofi Ameko
11-01 09:05