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Why has JJR imposed Mahama on Agya Atta?

Kwaku Azar
2007-11-01 08:25:06

The Somanya based ANN is reporting that chairman JJR has imposed Honorable John Mahama on Agya Atta. This follows a marathon meeting held at the luxury Ridge residence of chairman JJR.

Insiders report that Agya Atta wanted Mumuni to be his veep to avoid perpetuating the impression that his Veep candidates have become disposable diapers, to be appointed, disappointed and dropped after each election.

In 2000, Agya Atta went with Amidu and dropped him as soon as he lost the election. In 2004, Agya Atta went with Mumuni whose primary contribution to the ticket was his nocturnal visit to see an unknown party (or unknown parties) culminating in his accident at the famous Le Reve square, near circle.

But Agya Atta had no chance as chairman JJR had made it very clear, right from the start of the meeting, John Mahama was going to be his choice.

Before the Ridge declaration, Agya Atta gave an account of his Germay trip. He announced that his fundraising had not been successful yielding 1,235DM. Chairman JJR chipped in advising Agya Atta's team to focus on viable activities and stop this useless junketing to raise funds.

On the denial of bail to Abodakpi and the impending incarceration of Tsatsu Tsikata, chairman JJR expressed frustration and anger with the Agya Atta team for failing to engage in wahala. He urged the team to accelerate its effort in this regard to save Tsatsu from spending x'mas in Nsawam.

Why has JJR imposed Mahama on Agya Atta?

Da Yie!

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