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OPHRA Knew Who and About Who, She Hired at her sch

2007-11-01 06:48:35

The Scandal At her All Girls School should be no surprise, afterall ophra is a female homosexual or lesbian, She Interviewed and Hired Each Person at The All Girl School, She also has All of their History Investigated. So she knew the Character of Each Man and WOMAN she personally HIRED, She knew what kind of personel she had personally hired. OPHRA built the school for her PERSONAL SEXUAL ENTERTAINMEN WITH THE YOUNG SCHOOLGIRLS. Ask Yourself: WHY Ophra with all of her money and fame, why did she not have own children? her boyfriend Stedman is gay or homosexual, and it all is or was a front for the media to hide her homosexuality. you might not have known the Rossie Odonell is Ophra best friend and that it was Ophra who gave Rossie her Start. with this in mind, one must realize that water seeks it's own level, or birds that stick together Fly together. therefore making without a doubt that sense Rossie is a professed female homosexual, so is the case for Ophra being a female Homosexual, and do not forget that Ophra true lover is Gale, of which the both of them are living together. Ophra made her fame anf fortune on the Back of Black American Men by talking about them on her shows worse than dogs, and treating the Black American Man worse than S h i tt DIRT. and for that the whiteman and whitewoman loved her as long as she continue to destroy the Black Man. As you know she did not include in anyway any Black African Males in her school, NO Not ONE, she only wanted young black girl to be her Sexual Toys in her Sexual Playground known as the Girl Academy in South Africa. it is know wonder why the south african government broke ties with her a few months ago.
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