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2007-11-01 06:25:00

The arrangement you have put in place where you allow P.B.C to only take short distance load is not benefitting the Goverment but your friends, You have put the G. V. (P.B.C) Trucks within only short distance of carrying cocoa beans whilst you have put trucks that belong to your friends on long journry trips to make more money . This arrangement is not helping the Goverment Veheicles.

The P.B.C vehicles will beneifit if you allow them to do the long distances rather than the short distances they are now making.

We believe you have put this PBC trucks on short trips in order to make room for vehicles that belong to your friends to take the long distances loads which give them more money instead of the money going to the State or PBC.

In order for the P.B.C and the goverment Vehicles to benefit we reccommend that you reverse your decision of allowing only your friends trucks to do the long trips and give them to the PBC or the State Vehicles.

With the PBC trucks taking this long distance loads both the PBC workers and the Goverment will benefit instead of your personal friends.

It is believe you have put in this measures so as to give the Goverment a bad name for people to the blame the Goverment of the day.

I think this will go on well with you.
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