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GES, Why are last JSS graduates still at home?

Lt. Gen. Oditokuro 1
2007-11-01 06:12:29

When the government three years ago introduced the computerized system in selecting JSS leavers into the Senior Secondary Schools parents heaved a sigh of relief - parents thought they have been rescued from unscrupulous headmasters and headmistresses who always collect monies before giving admission to even qualified students, but alas, little did they know that the situation will be worse than it was previously.

The Senior (High) Secondary Schools re-opened at the beginning of October but as I write about half of the qualified students are still at home - the reason being that the so called computer did not "select them for any school".

This situation has arisen because:

1. The GES has to reserve places for a so called Castle list OR

2. The officials of the GES have connived with headmasters and headmistresses to cheat on the poor parents (if your ward is not selected then you are compelled to grease the palm of the head of your preferred school) OR

3. The software being used is outdated and must be replaced OR

4. The officials manning the computers are inefficient.

Many parents are frustrated and the Ghana Education Service needs to do something immediately to ease the tension on affected parents.

There must be education for all!
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