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Denise the Kinder One
2007-11-01 00:06:28

All those who have been barking, groaning, bemoaning, mooing, and chirping nonsensically nonsense dirges of corruption in the current administration, should step back and read some few examples of deep-down, knee-deep corruprion which germinated and flourished under the bloody, dictatorial/tyrranical government of Agbotui Scancem Rawlings.

These are cases of corruption as captured in the some of the Auditor General's report presented at the time, and patriotically and succintly reproduced in the editorial of the 'Crusading Guide.'

1- Eight items and radio equipment valued at 123.461,'59 cedis, and fully paid by the Information Department, Accra, in May 2000 were not supplied to the Department. Two Departmental cheques amounting to 37,680,000cedis which were reported stolen were found cleared in favor of a company.

2- Unearned salaries amounting to 13,771,845 cedis were paid to five former employees of Human Resiource Division, Accra and non-formal offices misappropriated a sum of 418,622,140 cedis out of which only 7,850,00 cedis has been recovered, leaving a balance of 410,772,140 cedis

3- Four stationery printers and supplies were overpaid in the sum of 271,450,000 cedis by the suppliers and Logistic Division, Head Office. Items worth 162,841,000 cedis ordered from six suppliers and fully paid for were not delivered.

4- Credit sales of tractors, agro-chemical and vaccines totalling 3,643,340,103 cedis were not recovered as of December 2000.

5- Two members of the Freetown Mission failed to account for $2,220 being the value of 111 passport forms. In the same Mission three officers owe a sum of $3,531 being total advance granted between May 1997, and November 1998.

6-- At the Tema Central Medical Stores, drugs and non-drug items worth 405,007,508 cedis could not be accounted for.

7- Cuban and Libyan nationals occupied fifteen government flats without paying rent. Management has been asked to find out the purpose of the stay of the foreign nationals and the agency responsible for paying the rent. Nothing came out and the immigration status of these crooks friends of the P/NDC was never established.

Folks worst forms of corruption occured under Rawlings. The difference between that period and the present is that whereas the General Public and the Mass Media have unbriddled freedom under the current administration, the opposite was the case under the bastard Rawlings.

Who in the P/NDC can explicitly tell Ghanaians how much state money was used to celebrate such useless days as June 4, and December 31. Did the monies and resources used in the celebration of these two days of infammy during the 19 plus years come from the inheritance of the Agbotui family of Togo?

It is about time the P/NDC shut up and allow this goverment pursue its mandate of building up all that the P/NDC destroyed in the 19 plus years. P/NDC rank and file has no moral right to criticize this government.

P/NDC has 19 plus years to transform Ghana into a paradise as they would want the gullible and the unsophisticated to believe now, but all we observed was paupers like Agbotui Rawlings Konadu Rawlings, Kojo Tsikata, Kofi Awoonor, Tsatsu Tsikata, Abodakpi, Kwamina Ahwoi, Kwasi Ahwoi, Ato Ahwoi, Totobi Kwakye, Asaase Gyimah, E. T Mensah,etc bleeding our national coffers.

Will these aforementioned buffoons tell Ghanaians how much they were worth prior to their unwelcomed participation in the governance of our beloved country between 1981 and 2000, and how murch they are worth now. Hypocrisy is what is killing the Rawlings cult herein called P/NDC.

'Yagye Yen Man!
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