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Why I DESPISE NDC - e Levy compromise?

Paul the Farmer
2021-12-03 08:34:07

Haruna Iddrisu one of the NDC big men says "having listened to officials in government, including the Minister of Finance, I am convinced to accept a departure from my original NO to accepting a one percent e-levy".

This is my problem, if 1.75% was unacceptable, how materially different is 1% which makes it acceptable? Let's do a quick analysis of the actual effect of the levy on the finances of the average Ghanaian.

The average income in Ghana is GH? 13,500 a year. Assuming 30% of transactions are digital, that means approximately GH? 4000 of the average Ghanaians salary goes into digital transactions.

At 1.75% levy rate, the Ghanaian would pay GH? 70 in taxes a year. At 1%, it would be GH? 40 making a difference of GH? 30. So how is GH?70 a year unacceptable but GH? 40 is suddenly acceptable? For the average Ghanaian that change in rate is not materially different. If the e levy is bad in principle, it’s bad whether it is 1.75% or 1%.

For the record, I am not opposed to the e levy. Government needs revenue. My problem is NDC's flip flopping and their submission that a reduction to 1% suddenly makes it palatable. I strongly suspect the NDC has been bought. They should have opposed the e levy on principle AT ANY RATE as they claimed earlier it is not a good tax. This is not about compromising, this is a case where they have been BOUGHT!

You must stand for principle instead of selling your filthy conscience for lucre. Haruna Iddrisu, wo ye aboa piiiiii!


Happy Farmers Day!

Very Truly Yours

Natural Born American
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