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The Queen's Last Day

2021-11-29 08:00:55

Barbados. 29 November 2021. 3:43 am.

It is the Queen's last day as official head of state of Barbados.

Even before the break of dawn, my tears of joy have already started.

Tonight at midnight, after 55 years of independence, we become a republic with a black Bajan woman as the president of Barbados.

I can only think of two comparable occasions which have given me such great joy:

1. The 2016 election victory of Donald Trump.

2. The 2018 election victory of the Barbados Labour Party led by Mia Mottley. It was a historic, resounding and unprecedented sweep of ALL 30 constituencies across the island.

It filled my heart with great pride when I heard the young Bajan woman speak about our change to a republic in this BBC feature, though her mother is not enthused...

With young black people like that the future of this country is secure!

Respond to it!

Nuff Respect,

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