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Exercising in Ghana and Budget Rejected?

Paul the American
2021-11-28 10:45:31

I now somewhat understand why very few of my contemporaries in Ghana exercise. Although I exercise religiously five or six times a week while in the Heaven on Earth (my home country USA) in Ghana I have only had one session in over five weeks. The heat and the humidity combined makes it impossible for me to be motivated.

Only a madman will go jogging in these temperatures, the madness on the roads means I cannot risk riding a bicycle, and I have never been inclined to be driving to a gym. I am not surprised that the only exercise middle aged people in this godforsaken country engage in regularly is sex enhanced by various concoctions called "bitters". That these bitters contain carcinogens and other toxic substances that cut short their lives does not matter to the denizens. I will go to the beach today where maybe I can do some jogging and cooling off in the sea. Your beaches are generally filthy though.

Regarding the noise and hullabaloo about the budget and whether it has been rejected is laughable. NDC is totally and completely hopeless. NPP have the majority in parliament. You may have temporarily rejected the budget on Thursday because they lacked the numbers in parliament and the connivance of your arrogant Speaker with an inflated sense of importance.

However these are the facts, NPP has the numbers, will make cosmetic changes to that same budget and ram it down your throats whether you like it or not because they have the numbers, duh! This crowing and celebrating to me is just foolishness because we know that the SUBSTANTIVE issues will not change i.e. there will be a Momo levy and government services will get a price hike etc. The MAIN things are not going to change.

I guess when you are accustomed to losing in succession, any cheap non-victory like a temporary rejection of a budget is viewed as some great success. Babgin is going to return at some point and the budget will be passed WITH OR WITHOUT YOU. Hopeless party, hopeless in power and hopeless in opposition. A party which appointed the Electoral Commissioner and was in power but allowed the opposition to "rig" the elections is more than hopeless, and that is the NDC. How do you allow your opponent to rig a match in which the referee is your relative?

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