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Ghanaians Are Crybabies and Cheap

O'dua Omo Oba
2021-11-27 23:40:43

Reading down the posts today I learned something that is disturbing but hilarious about Ghanaians. Chai.

Your parliamentary speaker is leaving your zoo for medical checkup abroad. And he takes along only three or four people including his spouse, assistant and some babalawo posing as physician for the disguised junket. With such few entourage for the Speaker's trip, you Ghanaians should rejoice for saving your zoo republic a good amount of money. Rather what I see is lot of bitterness and complaints about his medical trip.

First, I can bet your Speaker is far smarter and knowledgeable than our senate president, Ahmed Lawan. Our Speaker Lawan, who boasts of having degrees from UK in geographic information systems couldn't tell you the direction of north, when given map of Nigeria. He never makes sense in anything he says and often sees himself as an emperor presiding over our dumb senate.

If our speaker were to seek medical care abroad it wouldn't be a cheap trick to go to Dubai for shopping. Chai, he will book appointment at the most expensive hospital in USA or UK. And accompanying him will be no less than twelve people, from the Almajiri caucus. Besides he will NEVER let any Nigerian doctor examine him for primary care. NEVER! On his return to Nigeria the entire Almajiri caucus will be at the Abuja airport to meet him and thereafter a huge party thrown for his successful return. His hospital tab for the federal government will be no less than $2.5 Million.

This summer when Jubril returned from his medical trip to UK, the presidential spokesperson announced they will build a $200 million hospital for the presidency in Aso Rock. It will be for the executive use only and you can bet the doctors will NEVER be Nigerians, if that is ever built.

When Jubril's son Yusuf was in an accident, he visited him at the hospital and screamed at the top of his lungs why his son is still in Nigeria hospital a couple of hours after the accident. He was flown on a private jet to Germany. Days later Punch newspaper published photos of the lad in hospital bed in Germany surrounded by Almajiri politicians who flew to Germany to visit him. Guess who picks up the tab that visit? The federal government. Cheap people. Stop complaining and clap for your speaker. lol.

be ni

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