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104 VOTING IN PARLIAMENT (1) Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, matters in Parliament shall be determined by the votes of the majority of members present and voting, with at least half of all the members of Parliament present. (2) The Speaker shall have neither an original nor casting vote. (3) Where the votes on any motion are equal it shall be taken to be lost. (4) Where Parliament is considering a bill to amend the Constitution, or where the voting is in relation to the election or removal of any person under this Constitution or under any other law, voting shall be in secret. (5) A member who is a party to or a partner in a firm which is a party to a contract with the Government shall declare his interest and shall not-vote on any question relating to the contract.

Standing orders
Secret voting
109. There shall be secret voting in the House in respect of—
(a) a Bill for an act of Parliament to amend any provision of the Constitution ; and
(b) the election or removal of a person holding office under the Constitution or a
law made under the Constitution

NB{ Am not a lawyer but all 37 members of Minority were present and Standing order 109 is irrelevant . This is english and not Law
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