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Hottest NATIONAL Topic in the era of Akopy: GAYISM

2021-10-14 03:04:36

44 villages in Drobo State support the Anti-LGBTQI+ Bill, warns MP not to vote against it

13 October 2021

We told you so ...Akopy is no gooder and accursed.

I have never seen this type of fury in Ghanaians before.

Now the HOTTEST TOPIC in his era is Gay, Homo, lesbian, lgbtqurzmkuv, TRUMUS.

When Obama took the nonsense to Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta told him in the face to fuck off...for it was a non-issue in Kenya.
According to Kenyans that settled the debate and today, it is a FELONY to even engage in it. They were surprised when the CNN FAGGOT LARRY MADOWO sought to harass Sam George over the issue.

Even the Mills who was seen as effeminate banged the door at the west and told Cameroon to fuck off with his VISA and AID.
That ended the debate...only for the OBOSOM to reopen the floodgates and turn this abomination into the HOTTEST NATIONAL TOPIC.

The way Ghanaians are angry, if the MPs vote against the bill, Ghana cannot contain Ghana.

Even more annoying is to have his personal lawyer Akoto Ampaw leading the pro- TRUMUS campaign.
Akopy has always been a bad news for Ghana.

Ghanaians are too FURIOUS.
I fear for Ghana.
Gayism will define his ERA...

Kwaku Addo d3 As3m b3ba!!!

"We’ll vote out MPs who support LGBTQI – Central Region indigenes swear"

[This is an authentic posting from Botifans (Registered User)]
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