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On NDC's Push For Constitutional Review

Kofi Ameko
2021-10-14 02:04:25

The minority Leader is claiming that the time is ripe for a review of the 1992 constitution.

He said they will adopt a bipartisan approach and use the equal numbers in Parliament to table a motion to force a discussion.

Well and good.

However, NDC had a majority in Parliament when Prof Mills set up the CRC. Recommendations were made. A White paper was issued. NDC had a majority then. If the process was faulty as Azar wrote in those days, why didn't they, the Parliamentarians, act? not act?

$millions was spent on the CRC dominated by NPP affiliated Lawyers to fulfill the CRC's terms of reference.

It is true that the current constitution needs a review. Why then was the process set in motion truncated under aMajority NDC govt? Why? If there were legal faults with the methodology, why were they not remedied?

What did the then AG
and the CRC Lawyers do about the process?

Don't we have questions to ask?

Ghana wasted money on the Lawyers for what reasons?

I am bored, What about you?

What was the purpose of the White Paper issued then? If it was to be discussed in Parliament, why was this not done in a bipartisan way?

Was The White Paper, "A Black Paper"?

I am doubly bored! Really, really bored.

OOT, any insight?

What about a STEM algorithm dictated constitution; If a, do b, if not go to line 1,000, if you steal >$3,000 then 5 years at Nsawam, if you are a politician, death penalty , so and so forth ..

What can I say? Triple bored.

Good morning.
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