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Man Wakiss Hit Jackpot Today

2021-10-14 00:24:46

Canadians are noted for their comfort food which is soup. Anytime we have soup at home we feel like world champions. And so when the owner of a specialty shop who was closing shop told me to take home all the soup I want due to death in the family, moi grabbed my favourite soup: Clam Chowder. This soup is so expensive moi once paid a whopping $30,00 for a half bottle of Gulder beer for it.

My next favourite soups are mushroom and chicken. These are Massa soups that moi is talking about and not the home-cooking ones. When it comes to home-cooking my chicken soup with arctic veggies is numero uno, followed by peanut butter soup, abrewa nkwan and palm butter soup.

Ghanaians, this clam chowder soup of Massa must be worth a whopping $300,00. Massa soup is eaten and not drink as in sa nkwan as Ghanaians like to say. Over here we eat soup with bread, with or without meat. Moi was also given a frozen Mexican soup which moi dey thaw to see how it tastes. Mexicans are midgets, so moi is wary of what they eat.

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