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Ghanaians Threaten Those They Cannot Cheat

2021-10-13 22:33:42

What do they gain by threatening those who won't give in to their cheating demands? Using three sim cards due to lack of units, they will cry (crocodilian tears of course), insult me for being mean and then beg me for money.

The woman who begat that witch who has chopped my money and rendered herself and children hopeless, even told me, moi is a very wicked man. This is a woman moi gave a whopping $1,000 and millions of cedis to as well as procure her a travelling five years passport in 1978 to make her way. Yet, she used to buy me apio and leave me for dead.

I still remember and rewarded the Ghanaman senior brother from Tema in Abidjan who gave me a mere 300 franc in 1976. I once bought food for 12 hustlers at a Greek Restaurant in Piraeus, Greece patronized by hustlers from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and even Tanzania in mid-1976. When Kokroko heard moi was in Dakar in 1988, he searched for me all day and brought me home to stay with him due to my kindness towards him in Piraeus at the restaurant.

Yet, there are Ghanaians who will shut their eyes on you despite what you have done for them in the past. A White IT beautiful woman at work recently gave me and my co-worker two gift cards from a restaurant worth a whopping $30 each. I will forever pray for her. Ghanaians will hate such a person even though they will accept the offering. Most Ghanaians have wicked parents who treated them unkindly, hence the envy towards paddies or strangers who treat them respectfully.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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