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On Ghana Telecos Network Problems

Kofi Ameko
2021-10-13 16:57:47

There are reasons such as construction materials, destructive interferance( very well reached signal processing field in Cuba), distances between towers, topography, access point location, and others responsible for signal problems.

The high compressive strength cement buildings don't help Ghana.

We submit that the rampant daily network problems are primarily due to the Telecos. They can do better. There is an over subscription, high priced data( bundled or not), fewer towers and their location problems, use of breakdown susceptible refurbished electronic equipments, poor regulatory enforcement etc.

Found lacking is good education of the people on use of range extenders, amplifiers and many more.

Folks, we doubt whether the LAOS suffer from these handicaps. No solid evidence to provide, except some experiences under PNDC regime. They likely have some priorities worked out for them or are using national security networks with carved out secured domain .

What must be done? What would it take the people to wake up? Are you not bored with the frequent network problems, diversionary messages because of unavailability of open open nodes, useless time/minutes/money consuming unsolicited commercials?

Again what must be done?

[This is an authentic posting from Kofi Ameko (Registered User)]
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